Celebrating 25th Priesthood Anniversary (Silver Jubilee)

Beloved in Christ,

St. Ephraim says: ” If I see an angel and a priest, first I kiss the hands of the priest, and only then I kiss the hands of the angel. Because the priest has the privilege of taking Jesus Christ in their hands at every Holy Qubana.

Rev. Fr. M. M. Stephen Maliyil (Jose Achen) is celebrating the 25th Priesthood Anniversary (Silver Jubilee ) on January 2nd, 2024. Jose Achen is one of the founding members and served our church for around 18 years as the Vicar. On this occasion of Priesthood Silver Jubilee, on behalf of Edmonton Knanaya church and its members, I wish him all the best and blessings and also I pray that God will continue to guide Achan in His vineyard.

Fr Mathew P Joseph (Prince Achen)
VICAR and Managing committee

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